Good to Know

Although we try our best to keep the online property database constantly updated, the market moves fast.

The most appealing properties often even just move from one of our previous tenant to a new one without ever being really uploaded on the website.

Even if your moving deadline is still some months away, we suggest you to contact us in order to evaluate together the good options for you!

In some cases rental prices are negotiable. Negotiability can be also determined by your requirements regarding additional furnishings or renovations and by your ability in terms of deposit or months of rent in advance.

Besides assisting you in the search of the best property and during all the steps to renting (Payment of deposit, Set a date of start, Sign the lease and Payment of first month of rent, Handover, Move in), we assure a complete support during all the contract period, at the end of the agreement, whenever you could have eventual demands regarding property conditions or terms of agreement.

Our consulting and brokerage services are completely free of charge for long-term rental (1 year or more than 1 year).

For the short term, please consult us first and we will try to find the best solutions for you.